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The Traffic Ticket Office (A Law Firm) Successfully Fights and Wins For Thousands of Elated Florida Clients

The Traffic Ticket Office has assisted with the dismissal of nearly a million tickets over the past twenty years.

Anthony Mallo Esq., CEO/Founder, Traffic Ticket Office

Speeding violations are a common infraction that can cost motorists time and money in the long run.

Traffic ticket litigation isn't arduous when represented by this firm, who boasts a near flawless success rate with hundreds of thousands of cases handled.

We’re highly skilled at what we do, which is how we achieve an 85%-90% success rate. Pleading ‘guilty’ is not the only recourse an alleged offender has. We offer other favorable options to clients.”
— Anthony Mallo Esq., CEO/Founder, Traffic Ticket Office
MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2018 / -- Are you like the countless number of people who feel that they “got a raw deal” because of a traffic ticket they felt they unfairly received, and feel like there’s no other recourse but to pay the fine and move forward? Do you believe that police are capable of human error, and that you’re a victim because a policeman mistakenly issued you a citation? Sadly, this is a reality that many people face all too often. But in Florida, there’s an organization that’s making a dramatic difference in the lives of motorists, and they have “turned the tide” for many people who once felt helpless regarding undue traffic citations. That organization is the Traffic Ticket Office, a law firm that boasts a success record of overturning nearly a million citations since their inception in 1993. Click dismiss it now to be directed to their website.

Traffic Ticket Office prides itself in reputation for saving their clients time and money, especially in the majority of cases where the client isn’t even required to make a personal court appearance. They boast a plethora of resources and experience that is key to successful representation of their clients, and their main objective is to offer alternative options to simply pleading guilty to violations and paying fine(s). Traffic Ticket office believes that knowing one’s rights as a motorist is the key first step to fighting a ticket in court.

This organization is headed by Anthony Mallo Esq., a seasoned and successful attorney in his own right. When asked what the number one question asked is when potential clients call in, he replied “People always ask ‘How do you do it?’ but the fact is that the attorneys we have are very well-versed in tactics and challenges involved with this undertaking. We’re highly skilled at what we do, which is how we achieve an 85%-90% success rate when it comes to dismissing traffic tickets. Pleading ‘guilty’ is not the only recourse an alleged offender has. There are other options available to clients that can be much more favorable.”

There are many negatives associated with paying a traffic ticket without contesting it. Among these are accumulating points on your driving record; expensive charges or fines; suspension or loss of your driver’s license; increased insurance premiums; job loos for those with a commercial driver’s license (CDL); and even criminal charges. But many people feel they have neither the time nor patience to endure the process associated with pleading ‘not guilty.’ This is where Traffic Ticket Office has stood in the gap for over twenty years by taking on their clients’ fight and working to their clients’ traffic ticket problems a distant memory.

The Traffic Ticket Office services clients in Miami, Broward, and even Palm Beach. They deal with common traffic ticket issues such as speeding tickets, red light cameras, and the like. But they also deal with special and more involved cases such as criminal traffic violations, suspended licenses, CDL issues, and DUI infractions. And what’s more is that for most civil infractions they offer a money-back guarantee if they don’t prevent your license from accruing negative points. Many people have referred to the Traffic Ticket Office as a godsend, and with the accumulation of traffic violations on the increase, we anticipate Traffic Ticket Office to be available to help those in need for many years to come.

Anthony Mallo
The Traffic Ticket Office, A Law Firm
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